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About Us

Horses and ponies have always been a huge part of my life

As soon as I knew my own mind I was there pestering my parents to buy me a pony

On my 9th birthday my dream came true and I received a card saying

'Mishief is Yours!'
I will never forget that day

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me!


My Wish

Is that our ponies will bring as much joy and excitement to others as mine have to me


The Clanmill Story

Children, ponies, beautiful English countryside and a memory of my own childhood, well it all went together to create a great experience for my own 'next generation' 

Children learn so much from the discipline and necessary commitment to another living soul

The ups and downs of winning and losing  - The hours of work and practice to achieve their goals


How incredibly lucky to have that experience


Along the way we became hooked on the Welsh Ponies and Cobs 

What wonderful utterly beautiful and at times challenging equines they are

So, the children grew and the ponies didn't  - The children flew the nest and the ponies didn't


In 2003 our first Section A foal was born - Clanmill Petite Fee - The beginning of another very exciting adventure!


Today we have less A's and have specialised in our beloved B's many of whom are now out in hand or under saddle achieving wonderful things for their owners. We get immense pleasure following their progress and receiving regular updates. A passion that never ends


Eyarth Ariel

A pony that had a huge influence on what we wanted for our Section B breeding 

(photo courtesy of Anthony Reynolds)

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