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Richvale Orion 
Sports Pony Studbook Society 

PC7_4490 (1).jpeg

On 19th April this year Terri and Phili Packard and myself headed to Kings Equestrian Centre with Orion to present him for inspection for their SPSS Stallion Grading Day.
He was an absolute star and did everything asked of him and more.
He loved it!
They loved him too and he passed his grading 100%  

We were absolutely over the moon with him!

What a wonderful stallion he is and we are so blessed to have him

I can't thank Terri and Phili enough for doing such a 
wonderful job with him and producing him so well under saddle.
We think dressage is his forté but his jumping is coming along very well too.......

Watch this Space!!

Richvale Orion 

Not just a pretty face but proving himself as a performance stallion too

He's producing outstanding stock, with quality, height, movement and who also inherit his excellent temperament 

In 2025 he will be available for AI only


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